Opening night.


Back from Bath, the opening was brilliant, loads of artworks and performances to see. Had also the opportunity to have a chat with the curators of the exhibition I was part of, amazing to finally meet them. (open the article for more pics)


(you can find artists statements here)

And of course my piece which had been somehow brought to life by its place and the tag made by Stewart White. Even the paper used is more street art wise than the usual photographic paper. I was not
aware of the work on my pic, so it was quite a surprise! 
But it work so well, I am delighted.

Leaving some business cards behind.

But also the work of Grey and Dismal Green on depression.

Or Tim Holsgrove photographic work.

I spent some time in the city itself, just walking around rediscovering Bath, which I will show later in another post!

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