First days


        After a few days, I am finally starting to get hold of Brussels. The city is not that big, but it felt disorientating to me. Loads of tiny streets going in any possible ways, shops and restaurants looking all alike. So I treated myself with some white wine at the brassery of one of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts located near the Place Royale. And when looking by the window at the sun alternating with rain, I thought that it was not that bad. Brussels is a pleasant city to go around. It just give the impression of not opening up.

After my meal, the queue at the Museum looked quite long, I decided to start with the Musical Instruments Museum just around the corner, showing every family of instruments from all around the world.


Next step was of course going back to the Royal Museums of Fine Art.

There is currently an exhibition on Kandinsky, that I took the opportunity to look at, and really enjoyed. Mixing his paintings with art works from Russia and quotes from Kandinsky, it gives a different insight into his life at the time.

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