My next stop in my trip in Denmark was in Aarhus, large city bordering the sea in the east of Jutland.
Aarhus describes herself as dynamic and it is quite appropriate. The city keeps building, expanding, creating. While it feels like being in a giant village, there seems to always have something going on, events, festivals, concerts, but also street entertainment. I have been delighted to see that Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture in 2017! I cannot wait to see what Aarhus will present.
While I was there, the city was getting ready for the Christmas Market. building the chalets and putting some lights around in the streets. The city was a lovely place to walk around with space being made for the pedestrians and cyclists by the seaside and within the city centre. But also with the river running in the city centre.

As I usually do with seaside cities, my first step into discovering Aarhus was to find the harbour.

I then went to the city centre.

I know it has probably been said enough already but when I crossed that bike park bridge, I was so impressed!

My last stop was to go have a look at the library and around.

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