I posted a couple of photos of my trip to Carentan already, but as today is June the 6th, I thought I could share a bit more.

A few years ago, I took a few days off of the job I had at the time to spend the weekend in Normandy in France, and see some of the places that witnessed D-Day.
I went alone, only in company of my cameras, it was such an incredible experience, from the bus driver pointing out all the way to the tour historical stories, to the light on Utah Beach too bright for the film in my polaroid.

I stayed at the hotel Le Vauban in the heart of Carentan where Karen was a lovely and warm hostess, always checking if I was alright and how went my visits.

My first start was the city itself. I just walked around and tried to have a look at the harbour.

I went on trek to the museum Dead Man's Corner as I thought I could reach it by walking.
It took long but I had a gorgeous time discovering the area around Carentan. 
The museum was interestingly made as it shows both german and american paratroopers, immersing you in the battle of Carentan.

My last stop was at Utah Beach, though I first went to the museum before going to the beach. 
It is quite incredible to witness all the stories the museum can bring and then walk on the beach, having all of this in mind. 
Amusingly, I crossed the same people on the bus back to Carentan that I met when going to Utah Beach. It was quite amazing to share our different experiences of Utah Beach and Normandy. 

If some of you went to Normandy (Carentan or not) as well, I would love to hear from you!

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