Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great time for the holidays.
For me, new year, new projects. If I learnt anything from 2014, it would be to focus more on myself to communicate better with others.
It is why I decided to work on these four different projects in 2015.

The first one is actually something I started working on years ago. Back when I was in art school, I started to research The Four Horsemen due to one of our assignments. I went with another idea for school, and kept the four horsemen for a personal project. At the time, I wanted to draw and paint, but I have never managed (so far) to create what I had on my mind on a piece of paper.
It remained an unfinished business at the back of my mind, until I started to think about it again a few weeks ago. I might not be able to truly work on this theme by drawing, but I can do it with photography. New year, I decided to finish projects I started.

The second one is a project I started last year and still a work in progress. At first it was a work on colours, patterns and sounds with bath bombs (Waves), and I will carry on working this project. But I also attend to develop it furthermore into the world of the bathroom with the effects of mist and soap.

My third one is a brand new one. While researching for The Four Horsemen, I came across a book showing all sites part of UNESCO world heritage. Curious, I looked at the sites which became world heritage the year of my birth. That is how my new project came to my mind. It will be a long term project, but interesting I am sure, to go capture all those sites, all the sites which became world heritage the year of my birth. Finding a pattern to choose the sites was somehow random, but since I wanted to get even closer to my projects, going by the year I was born sounded quite interesting.

My last one is also a brand new one. The idea started when discussing the problem of being a photographer and a woman with someone who is not a photographer. I would love to showcase all the obstacles, obvious or not, I bump into when working. I think it would be interesting for other people to see what it can mean to be a woman working as a photographer and artist.

All of them will ask load of work, but I am fairly excited to start working on all of them.

Have all an amazing new year!

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