Hello everyone!

I had a lot of catch up to do last week, it was quite something.
I finally took the time to give my blog a makeover. Apart from the new layout, I updated my biography and I added a reading list. I guess the last thing to do is tidying up my tags/labels, I have far too many of them.

I also caught up with my Goodreads challenge.
I am currently reading (well, among a few books) The Aeneid. I am studying ancient civilisations for one of my photo projects, and I have missed reading about it. Well, to be fair, I simply miss learning about history.
It has been quite a challenge at the beginning though, as I did not read a book written in verse for a very long time, especially in English; but I spent my Sunday afternoon reading it, I had such a lovely time!
I also decided to add a little something to my challenge this year. I recently rewatched Gilmore Girls and thought I could try the Gilmore Girls book challenge. There are about 300 books mentionned in the series, so I have plenty of choice. I wanted to start in March, and then have a month dedicated to this list every two months, but it seems I started already, as I picked up Pride and Prejudice earlier this month. I thought it would be a good idea as I do not usually read go for the genre of these books.

What are you all reading currently?

Finally, coming soon:
* A post on Copenhagen. My next stop was the Louisiana Museum.
* A post on my next study of waves. I am adding all the colours I obtained this time, not just the colours of the visible spectrum. I am still in the pretty early stages of the study so far, so it will take me some time to finish that study.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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