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Hello everyone!

Here is another post on my trip to Denmark. Once I settled at my hotel in Denmark and got familiar with the metro and train systems, I decided to check out Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, 25 miles north of Copenhagen.
It was a recommendation on a french travelling website. I had a long list of places and museums I could go see in and around Copenhagen, but I thought that starting by the surroundings of the city would be quite interesting.
The weather was cloudy that day, and the cold was catching up as we were heading to the end of November, but I still had a lovely time in and outside.

There were two exhibitions at the time.
  • Anri Sala
  • Self-Portrait. I was looking forward to this one. I do not do a lot of self-portraits, but they are all around us. So I was expecting to be inspired and learn a lot. I discovered quite a bunch of artists, some works were attractive by the colours and textures used.

I then went to the permanent exhibitions. I wandered through all the corridors and saw this view. I have been quite amazed by the architecture of the museum. Load of wood and huge windows. It let in so much light and space.

 I found one part of the museum particularly amazing, one of the rooms of the Giacometti Gallery.
Those huge windows? And the view outside? So gorgeous and peaceful.

I then decided to have lunch before going outside and look at the park. I took the opportunity to (finally! I mean, at the time, I've only been in Denmark for two weeks) try open sandwiches, smørrebrød.

The first: Potato, radish, smoked cheese, watercress and crisp malt.
The second: Chicken, bacon jam, salted cucumber and dill.

I finally headed to the park outside and see Sweden on the other side of the sea.

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