On my last train journey between Manchester and Liverpool

I finished last week a 2-year project on Liverpool that I turned into a artwork with 52 Weeks.
It is a huge page to turn. I discovered a lot during those two years, about photography, art, society, and myself. I had so many questions, some that I managed to answer, others still unanswered.
It is a bit weird to think I do not know when will be the next time I will be in Liverpool. It might be soon, it might be never.

One of my issues was... well, still is my problem communicating. It is something that I am now working on it. But it was quite amusing somehow to see in one of my sketchbook from a few years ago that I already pinpointed this as a problem, especially in my professional life.

The other one was to advance my life. My photography business can go on on its own now, my routine is well made, it doesn't take me as much time as it used to, to do my daily work. I have so many new art projects I want to develop, new places to visit. But there is still something missing. It really came to my attention when I opened a sketchbook of project ideas I had when in art school. I always loved ancient civilisations and mythologies. I started working on the Four Horsemen as I was quite interested by how they often appear in books, movies or tv series. This kind of study, mixed with politics and sociology is what I would like to add to my life. I went back and forth between them, art and science, but I never until now manage to have everything all together. I would love to work on archaeological fieldworks, I always did. I am not sure at which post yet, or on which historical period, but I would love to bring my art and photography to an historical and scientific context.

I was reading French Foodie in Dublin's latest article earlier and a part of her post stuck with me.
I have projects, I have ideas, I know where I would like to be heading, but I need so much confidence to do it. It is very helpful from to time to time to look back and see all the things that I achieved already. When in art school, I never thought I would actually end up as an artist with my own business, but here I am. I only have to go step by step, but I really need to do those steps. I need to stop thinking and do.
I took a first step and started looking around to find a formation in archaeology and anthropology. There are actually quite a lot of them, and I do have a few choices in hand. Next step taken, or better yet in the making of being taken, applying to current fieldworks. Whatever the outcome, I took those steps, and it feels great :)

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