Goodreads - March 2015


I struggled so much reading in March! After a few lines I always felt asleep. I also worked on two of the three books I read, so it took me quite some time to finish those books.

Very informative, it had a broad range of topics. I especially appreciated the inclusion of others mesoamerican civilisations. It was clear and well organised, although quite a short book.

I wanted to study a bit more ancient civilisations in America, so I had a look at different books on Incas. I chose that one as it was quite a massive one with what seemed a lot of different information and pictures. Well, it was informative indeed. The problem was that it was repetitive with a topic organisation. So there was no chronological order and made the reading of this book confusing and difficult.

I was so excited to finally be reading this book! I have been waiting since I studied politics for my master. This book was at the library, and I borrowed it a couple of time but never had the time to actually read it.
But it was so difficult to read. So. Difficult. Not necessarily by the substance, it was more the writing. There was so much information, but also footnotes (sometimes taking more than half the page), and repetitions. One thing bugging me all around was the lack of checkable sources. Interviews unavailable, unpublished books, anonymous sources. This added to the lack of structure and heavy writing made the reading frustrating and annoying.

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