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Hello everyone!

I have not been around in a while, my deepest apologies. My degree truly took everything, every minute, every last bit of energy. A lot happened as well, I can hardly believe it is June already!
I had a great time though, I had courses on many different artistic styles and eras, I discovered a lot. my courses on Prehistory and Protohistory especially went fairly well. I was quite eager to have them as, so far, I did not have much opportunity to study those periods. I found it fascinating, to see how the humain body slowly changed, and what consequences on a social level it could bring. The course on Protohistory shed light on celtic culture. It was also an opportunity to discuss furthermore metalworking within archaeology, which I came to realise I find interesting.

I did get to take photographs along the road though, and I'm eager to share in the next few posts!

A few words on my Goodreads challenge as well. I finished 2015 how I started it, with books on history and history of art. I settled for a smaller challenge this year, as I have some trouble reading those days. If you are doing a challenge as well, I hope it is going well!

So, see you soon, with more photos!

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