A day in Nancy, walking through art and history


I took a day off university and work in February to discover the french city of Nancy, through the theme of Art Nouveau. This art movement spread through Europe at the end of the XIXe century, with a aim to innovate and reach a wider audience.

Place Stanislas.
The day started by a tour of Place Stanislas. This square has been a wish from Stanislas Ier, King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine to unit the old part of Nancy to the new part. It changed a lot since, notably by making it all pedestrian in 2005.


City Centre
Next stop was a few minutes away. The city centre is full of buildings following this art style, by their interior, their facade or even architectural details. It was great fun to try to spot them and understand why they are part of the movement. Art Nouveau found inspiration in nature and new (building) material such as iron.


Villa Majorelle
The afternoon was spent in two different sites. The first was the Villa Majorelle, a private home of one of Art Nouveau artists Louis Majorelle, by an Art Nouveau architect. The house shows the desire of the artists of this movement to have a whole and complete art, every detail and furniture illustrating their art style.



Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy
Last stop was at the museum of the movement in Nancy. The museum is inside the house of an art collector. His collection is displayed to give an insight on the diversity and techniques used by artists of the movement, by trying to show what an Art Nouveau interior could have been.



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