I have not talked about my trip to Denmark in a while. Although I am near the end of it, I still have a few places to talk about!
When planning my trip, there is a place I absolutely wanted to see: Helsingør. Especially Kronborg Castle. Shakespeare used it in Hamlet, and I was quite curious to check it out!

I arrived in early afternoon and was greated by a cloudy, windy but refreshing weather. I was surrounded by cargoes and ferries, every colours and movements catching my eyes. I walked along the sea for a while, taking all in the salty air and all sounds from the sea. There I came across Copenhagen's Little Mermaid's counterpart. His shiny surface was quite impressive against the cloudy sky and the many colours of the houses and boats. As I turned around though, I finally caught a glimpse of the Kronborg Castle. Walking there also gave me the opportunity to see a bit of Sweden as Helsingborg is right on the other side of the sea. I was not able to visit the castle itself, but I was able to get around to get a feeling of the place.

It was quite an original stop in my journey through Denmark.





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