Along the lemurs.


Once again, I spent some time at Sainte Croix, a wildlife reserve in east of France.
With the gorgeous weather we had last week, it was the perfect occasion to go and spend the afternoon walking around. The park now welcome black and white ruffed lemurs, critically endangered on the UICN world red list.
We also had the pleasure to catch a glimpse of a gray wolf cub, which was an amazing experience.
With the lemurs especially, I had an impressive moment. The park allows visitors to walk around the island the lemurs are staying at. When there, all the lemurs were walking around minding their own business. One of them simply jumped over my shoulder to go sit and chill a few feet away.


Ring-tailed lemur

Red ruffed lemur

Black and white ruffed lemur

Gray wolf

Gray wolf cub


Arctic fox

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