A few days away in Burgundy.


Hello everyone!

It's been a while again, my apologies. 2016 seems to just keep on adding to the pile, doesn't it?
There were a lot of setbacks this year, a lot of questions to answer. If going to university taught me anything, it is that I can do whatever I put my mind on. Is everything worthy though, it is rather hard to tell nowadays, with the news getting harder to look at.
I have been feeling stuck with photography for a little while now. While I had new projects, I don't feel like I'm reaching? Like there is enough meaning? Photography has been an incredible way of communicating, but something seems to be missing? It is a work in progress I suppose, to adjust and move forward to what I want and should be doing.

For a little while, it seemed pretty clear. I spent a few days in Burgundy a few weeks ago, to see different places I heard so much about when catching up on history of art and archaeology.
The site of Bibracte, notably. Bibracte is a Gaulish town founded in the late 2nd century BC. The archaeological site is still visible and the research ongoing. The visit was pretty interesting, we had a look at about all the different parts of the site. Walking around there was quite amazing, it always feels so weird to be near such evidences of human history. The museum also had a lot of information and items in display organised by topics and archaeological discoveries.


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