This post has been sitting in my drafts since early February, it is about time I work on it.
A while ago, I said I struggle talking/discussing/communicating.
While I would love for my blog to be more active, it is quite difficult to gather words, ideas, and write everything more often than currently. Especially at the moment, which the state of the world, there is not much left for me to do to make a change. It has been proven hard to accept it.

Something happened to me though last time I was out and about taking photos of wildlife. I already post something about this on Instagram, but I need and want to speak out about this. I have been quite shielded from direct sexist and patronizing comments for a while, I was nearly starting to think things might be moving forward within the Photography community (in France I mean).

As I was working on taking pictures of another animal, I saw someone moving near me who seemed to be the person who I was with on that day. Still working, I let him know where was the lynx so he doesn't disturb neither the lynx nor the other people around trying to look for her.
Well, unlucky me, it was the wrong person.  The guy looked down on me and laughed while telling me this "Yes I know, sugar." He did not give me the time to say "Sorry, I thought you were someone else" before adding "If you want to take photos without the reflection, you should get closer to the glass window"

I know it might sound rather like a good advice, but with the tone he used, it left no doubt about what he was actually thinking. Not to mention that, you know what, what if I DO want  the reflection, what if I do want to play with the light?! What if I don't care about his tip and/or opinion? Even if I did a mistake assuming without properly looking he was someone else, I did not ask for his comment.
I was too stunned to actually reply out loud, however I kept photographing from where I was.
I received a lot of comments through the years, from which photography field I should pursue (for example wedding photography as I am "a woman and that's what we're good at right?? Weddings, you just love it!") to bluntly ask me if I am "actually a professional", even so I have my own business and deliver everytime. I've been meaning to share this for a while but the usual doubts (such as "did I imagine it?" or "Am I making it bigger than it is?") prevented me from it. Yet, this situation, like the doubts I had are just another little part of what women can face.

PS: This might actually have a sequel. Later that day I went to check how the wolverines were doing. A woman with her child jumped on a conversation I was having to ask all about wolverines, notably if they moved a lot or if it was in a special time of the day, as they seemed to be napping a lot. A guy next to us, who might actually be the same guy, made yet another comment:"I have been waiting here an hour [to take a photo], they haven't move, but maybe you should check the vultures and see if they move" (I don't know for you but here vultures have rather bad reputation and his comment just left me.... ???????? *insert here clueless Ron Weasley gif*

PS 2: Photo featuring my cat who's been hiding under various blankets all week as it has been quite windy and rainy.

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